izi: Hello Satiini. It was the second time, when you won out tournament. What do you feel after another victory?

Satiini: I am very happy ofcourse to win this tournament again, hopefully there will be a third edition aswell. :)

If you need to compare how you struggle in the first and the second edition of out tournament,  tell me which was more difficult to win?

I believe the first edition was harder to win in final, in the final of 2nd edition I just felt like strelok wasnt playing up to his normal level for some reason.

In the second season we saw great condition of players from Ukraine and Finland. What do you think, are these countries are leading European Starcraft 2?

I dont know about ukraine but atleast the finnish players are not leading European Starcraft 2 scene, hopefully in the future finland will be a country with more good players.

Can you make a ranking of top five countries in SC2?

Korea is ofcourse the leading country, after that I would say sweden to be the 2nd best, 3rd and 4th are harder to rank after that.

And when we arrange, maybe you can say your top 3 race?

Top 3 players for each race would be P: MC, Genious and Parting, Z: DRG, Nestea and Stephano, T: MVP, Marineking and MMA.

At which tournament we will be able to see you in the near future?

Im not sure, the next one will probably be a small finnish lan and after that if nothing else comes up then it will be Assembly summer in august.

When I watched how you was playing in Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, I loved your style, and I am your big fan. I remember you always had trouble with travelling on the international events. Is anything changed from that times?

Yes I am able to travel to international events now, the first one was actually a short time ago at Dreamhack in stockholm.

Why did you change the platform  - if earnings from SC 2 are sufficient  to leave the night elfs?

Sadly Warcraft III was dying up slowly so I had to change the game with everyone else.

You chose Terran. Why? 

Like 14 years ago when I was a kid we had some lan gatherings of 6 people and we played some broodwar, since that time I enjoyed terran the most the choice was clear for me when starcraft 2 came out. :)

I have a common question to ask. Is there a good balance between races? Why not?

I think there are still significant imbalances in the game, maybe not on the top top level but everything below that, protoss for example is extremely easy to play for not so good players.

If your plans include the appearance on the big offline events in this year?

Yes Assembly summer atleast.

How about your training? Do you practice in different way  before any big tournaments ?

I mostly play abit more and take a break just before the tournament, that way its easier to concentrate and think when playing.

Starcraft 2 debut was two years ago, What do you think about the game in terms of Multiplayer? Is Blizzard supporting it in the right way?

Yeah I think Blizzard has handled the support part really well, though the patching has possibly slowed down abit too much lately and wheres that namechange... seriously I wonder about that one :D.

What do you do besides being a professional player in Starcraft?

Not much else, live my life with my girlfriend and take it cool. :D

Do you play other games except Starcraft?

No, I played some Skyrim when it came out but nothing else in a loong long time.

In the last time we can hear, how many players (for example MaNa, Stephano) decided to stop learning and choose to be a full-professional player. What do you think about this?

I think its a smart choice to them, make some money and enjoy life, I dont see anything wrong in that. :)

Starcraft 2 is a work,  or a fun? If your earnings from SC2 are enough to live with professional gaming?

Its both work and fun. My earnings would just barely support me to live a really poor life in finland, finland is like the most expensive country in europe.

Thank  you very much for your time, I wish you good luck.

Thanks, cya in the 3rd edition of the cup. :)