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They're Talking About In Game Poe Currency RSS

poes6 (106029)

#1 I'm starting to get too many scrolls and orbs in my stash, where's the best place to trade them in for different, and also where can i find a list for the in rates

When people talk about budget or not in the game, they're talking about in-game poe currency, which is not (by any legal mean, at least) purchaseable with real-life money. Things like chaos orbs and exalted orbs are found throughout The game by killing stuff, and can either be used (chaos orb rerolls a rare item, for example) or traded with other players.

Thing is, some builds cost a lot of those in-game, so they would not suit a new player. Budget builds are those that don't require a lot of farming to be able to get the needed poe items for trade.

As far as real-life money goes, the only thing that affect gameplay that you can buy is stash tabs. They do affect gameplay by a lot if you start playing more, but you can safely do your first run through the game without them. Some people even play for years without them, but at some point it's just not worth the annoyance.

They are all extremely outdated and I assume all of them are on the hit list.UI changes just take time to implement because there is a lot of graphical errors that can come up by moving things around. Requires a lot of testing with various different system Settings.

I agree and as other said, sure that there will be improvements made in future, maybe some new ones added. It’s also Steamed this covered, you can see date when you get achievement and last one you get right away. And there is more Like hours counter, hours played last 2 weeks (well, this is worse negative thingy for someone). But patching sux compare to standalone client.

He's probably been around for a while on reddit. if you criticize the thing that the sub is about you tend to be downvoted to oblivion because downvotes are no longer used to simply hide content that doesnt contritube to discussions. It's used because you disagree with the Person or hate something about them.

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chibi99 (141166)

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fokaok (153771)

#4 proszę przetłumaczcie to na jezyk poslki bedzie bardziej zrozumiałe

Skup nieruchomości za gotówkę

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