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Ming yongle qinghua sea water jiang fang incense burner editor RSS

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The Ming yongle qing hua haiyang jiang fang incense burner is a Ming dynasty imperial porcelain used during the Ming yongle reign. It is now stored in Beijing Palace Museum.
Height: 55.5cm, diameter 37.3cm, foot distance: 38cm.

Furnace wide mouth, short neck, drum abdomen, lower leg foot with three elephant legs, shoulders set two ears. Apply white glaze inside. The outer wall is fully painted with sea water cliffs.

This device is similar to the shape of a copper furnace in the "daming yongle year collection" of the qinghai provincial museum of natural history. Its body is huge, blue and white color is luxuriant, faint is distinct, the black spot that coagulates is dense in grain act the role ofing. The ornamentation implies that the mountain will never die. It reflects the superb porcelain making skills of jingdezhen kiln workers at that time.

During the Ming yongle and xuande periods, the sea water patterns on the porcelain usually had undulating waves and surging waves, which were much more decorative than those in the yuan dynasty.

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