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What are the factors that affect the hardness of the cutting piece? RSS

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#1 The hardness of the grinding tool such as cutting disc for stainless steel mainly depends on the amount of the bonding agent added and the density of the grinding tool. The abrasive grain is easy to fall off, indicating that the hardness of the grinding tool is low; otherwise, the hardness is high. The hardness grades are generally divided into seven levels: super soft, soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, hard and super hard. From these levels, several small levels can be subdivided. The method for determining the hardness of the abrasive tool is more commonly used by a hand cone method, a mechanical cone method, a Rockwell hardness tester method, and a sand blast hardness tester. The hardness of the abrasive tool has a corresponding relationship with its dynamic elastic modulus, which is advantageous for determining the dynamic modulus of the abrasive tool by the audio method to indicate the hardness of the abrasive tool. In the grinding process, if the material of the workpiece to be ground is high in hardness, a grinding tool having a low hardness is generally used; and vice versa, a grinding tool having a high hardness is used.

Cutting sheets are widely used for grinding and descaling of various metal and non-metal materials, which are both fast and economical. The following is a description of the eight major characteristics of the dicing sheet product.
First, the cutting piece is wear-resistant and water-resistant, and the special fiber material is resistant to water and oil.
Second, the cut piece of dirt will not block the fine surface of the grinding surface.
Third, control the cutting, will not harm the surface of the object to be polished, resulting in defective products.
Fourth, the cutting piece has strong plasticity and good softness, and is suitable for various shapes of the object to be polished.
Fifth, the cutting piece is safe, non-metallic, unlike the wire brush will hurt people.
6. The dicing sheet increases the surface adhesion of the abrasive.
7. The cutting piece has uniform grinding force and uniform processing result.
Eight, no rust, no falling off, grinding sound is small, less dust.

The low price disc for metal tissue is roughly classified into three types: compact, medium, and loose. Each class can be subdivided, etc., and is distinguished by the organization number. The larger the abrasive tissue number, the smaller the volume fraction of the abrasive in the abrasive tool, and the wider the gap between the abrasive grains, indicating that the tissue is looser. Conversely, a smaller organization number indicates a tighter organization. The organization of the abrasive tools is only controlled by the formula of the massage tool at the time of manufacture, and is generally not measured. The abrasive grains of the tighter structure are not easy to fall off, which is beneficial to maintain the geometry of the abrasive tool. The abrasive material of the looser structure is not easy to passivate when used, and has less heat during the grinding process, and can reduce the heat deformation and burn of the workpiece.

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