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Introduction of Blade & Soul classes:Blade Dancer|Warlock RSS

luckyowl (61377)

#1 Today,I will tell you 2 classes'pros and cons.I wish these can help you a lot.If not,plese go to our site.You can find everything you need and buy blade & soul gold here.

Blade Dancer
Exceptional chi management post-rework
Very high sustained damage output
Extremely fast, rapid-fire attacks
Very high AoE damage
Strong CC abilities; only class besides Destroyer that can hold a target down for 6s
Highly mobile: has the strongest movement speed boost on a spammable charge, will always win in a foot race
Spin-to-win - can provide immunity to daze, stun, and KB, increase movement speed, increase defense, and/or parry, depending on traits
Relatively easy-to-use

Spin parry and blade draw deflect have the tightest possible timing (0.5s)
Can be extremely vulnerable without available chi; prone to downtime
Long cds on many key abilities
Force Choke not as strong as destroyers' Seize/Suppress
No party buffs outside of Force Choke
Lyn exclusive

Long range (i.e. is not melee)
Highest burst damage in the game, capable of two-shotting opponents in PvP - also happens to be AoE
Strong root, can be used to cheese bosses
Has Spiritualize/Awakening, the most powerful support buff in the entire game
Aside from Spiritualize, also has a number of other useful support abilities
Can summon a useful (temporary) minion that looks cool
Has decently spammable block (1.5-2s duration, 1-6s cd) that can proc one of three CC effects if traited
Exceedingly stylish

Quite squishy
Can only block attacks coming from the front
Can be a one-trick pony in PvP, extremely vulnerable if primary burst and CC lock down are somehow avoided
Weak PvE CC synergy (has extremely limited number of stuns)
Pet can be destroyed while or before casting Spiritualize, setting them back - good timing is key
(Subjective) Effectively becomes required in dungeon runs when available due to the outrageous power of Spiritualize Will not be available at launch

Edytowany przez luckyowl (Mar 11, 2016 03:25:02)

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