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How to Use SweetFX on Blade & Soul NA/EU RSS

luckyowl (61377)

#1 Updating my previous guide (here) due to changes from Reshade 1.0 to 2.0. This will mostly be that guide, but updated with the changes from the previous version of ReShade. By the way, if you need bns gold, click it.

Go to ReShade's Site

Click the Purple 'Download' button (will scroll the page down to the bottom), then the Green 'Download' button. This will then lead to the Mediafire page for the current version of ReShade.

Download this somewhere, doesn't matter where you actually place the 7z from this step. Extract the 7z to its own folder.

Next, open ReShade Assistant in the ReShade folder.

Go to the 'Profiles' tab if ReShade Assistant didn't start with it open. Click the + in the upper left of this section, and you will get a popup asking where the location of the exe you want to affect is. Find and select the BnS client (Client.exe, mine is at 'D:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin\Client.exe').

You can create a Preset if you want by going to the 'Presets' tab, but that is only needed if you are going to use multiple with the game. For this all you need to do it click teh + in the upper left, and type in what you want to name the Preset. If you don't do this, ReShade will just use Default as the preset.

Be sure to select your profile/preset (if you didn't make a preset, then you only need to select the profile). You will know both are selected when you see 'Shaders' in the 2nd to last tab, go to that tab.

Find a SweetFX preset. You can make your own, or use ones that have been uploaded to a site such as (Blade & Soul's page is here). I will be using Blade & Soul SC for my example, due to it being the preset I am currently using.

All sections in the preset that are 0, leave unchecked, and check any that are 1's. A SweetFX preset will have these all listed at the start of the file, while a ReShade preset will have it above each section, so you will have to find them to know which ones need to be enabled (Marked as USE_<something>). In my case these would be SMAA, LIFTGAMMAGAIN, TONEMAP, VIBRANCE, CURVES, and LUMASHARPEN.

For each that you checked, go back and click on the shader again, or this can also be done as you are checking them (I have found that re-clicking the shader sometimes removes the checkmark, disabling the shader. You can click the the far right of the shader's name to prevent this). This will make the last far right tab appear, 'Shader Settings'. You want to go into this tab for each shader you checked, and change the values of anything that don't match between your preset and what ReShade has. If it has a setting in ReShade, but not in your preset, do not touch it in ReShade, most of those are debug type settings or settings to fine tune it even more that were not in previous versions of SweetFX.

After you have gotten everything filled out, click Save in the bottom right, and then Confirm (replaces Save). Return to the 'Profiles' tab, and click the Refresh button in the top center, then Confirm again in the bottom right. This will place the files into your BnS directory so that it can start working.

You can double check that it was placed correctly by going to your BnS install folder and looking for d3d9.dll, as well as a folder named ReShade. You can also check just by running the game, there will be some messages that pop up in the top-left when the actual games loads while it is double checking that it is working correctly.

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