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Forum: Fortnite
How to buy legal and safe OSRS Gold? RSS

Tom (222994)


Strictly speaking, the OSRS gold transaction is not illegal, and Jagex does not support or oppose it, but it does violate his terms of service. Players can buy RS Gold with confidence. But for an Old School Runescape enthusiast, I don't recommend that players rely on buying OSRS Gold to win the game. This is actually cheating, which is unfair.

Of course, if you are just a casual player and need to buy Cheap Runescape Gold instead of participating in ranked activities, I have no objection. After all, it's just for personal entertainment, but you must pay attention to account security. It is more important to choose a reliable supply website. The best thing is to recommend a friend or make a certain investigation and compare yourself to determine that this is a safe website before deciding to buy.

I used to be a casual player, I usually choose to buy on RPGStash site, and there are several shops that have been in business for more than ten years, but I am more impressed with this one, because this website looks now, you can see at a glance This is an old station many years ago, and it is true, but it also reflects its good reputation and good service. Only by insisting that great players provide OSRS GP for sale, interested players can try to place a small amount of orders.

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